Looking for a social activity with the colleagues that will test your palate and loosen up your tongue? Or a drinking activity for a bachelor party that is a bit out of the ordinary? Why is it people are speaking about cider as the Second Coming of Christ? And what do they mean by wild fermentation, méthode traditionnelle, maceration and oxidative notes? Let’s talk about cider.


At the office, the park or in Nordhavn

As self-proclaimed missionaries of Nordhavn we love to taste, talk and chat about cider. With cider it can be a bit like xenophobia: When you dare give the unknown a chance you might understand something. And especially the dry ciders can be an acquired taste. Our experience is that the more you dive into the different types of cider the more you get your cider kicks on. We do tastings and talks and will happily bring some cold bottles on our cargo bike to the friday bar at your workplace, to a favourite spot of yours or invite you into our production facilities in Nordhavn.


Tailored to your thirst

Maybe you would like to know more about the Norman cider culture or understand what is going on in the Danish cider scene right now. Maybe you would rather just taste some different ciders, some sweet, some dry, some Danish, some English, and hear about the process of cider making. And we will most certainly tell you why we started producing wild cider on Danish apples. Together we will find a topic for tasting, a language that suits you (Danish, English, Spanish) and a frame that fits your needs.


Concept and Price

Give us a call or send us an email with a bit about what you are looking for. Then we will get back to you with an offer.

Cornelius: +45 40891668
Jakob: +45 22833401