We are one of the organizers of Rigtig Cider - Copenhagen Cider Festival, the biggest festival celebrating cider in Scandinavia, together with Holm Cider and Æblerov . Every year since 2016 we salute cider that is 100 % fermented juice. That is why we call it rigtig cider (real cider).


Israels Plads in the center of Copenhagen becomes a haven for craft cider. Producers from all around Europe pour and talk like maniacs trying to explain their craft and to keep glasses filled. In August 2018 we had 26 cideries participating from 10 different countries. The aim is to bring cider makers together and let the public enjoy the best ciders out there in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere.

More info can be found on www.rigtigcider.dk


Rigtig Cider – Copenhagen Cider Festival 2017 in 2 minutes