SWAP your Garden apples for cider!

Copenhagen is full of apple trees. Neighbourhoods like Nordvest, Sydhavn, Brønshøj, Valby and Frederiksberg are every year bursting with fruit - but much of it end up rotting in the gardens.

We want to change that. AND we need you to help us.

Come swap your surplus garden apples for cider (see more below). We will make a local cider out of all that lovely garden fruit:

Full circle - a cider grown, fermented, bottled and sold in Copenhagen


Apple Donation

Deliver your apples between the 1st and 14th of October 2019 to our friends Vinbonden in Nordvest and Bygaard in Sydhavn. These two great shops - both producing top food products themselves - are perfectly located next to multiple Copenhagen gardens.

VINBONDEN | Smedetoften 23, 2400 København NV. Delivery hours: Wed-fri 16-19, sat 12-18.

BYGAARD | Borgbjergsvej 54, 2450 København SV. Delivery hours: Tue-sat 12-18

Bring your apples in a bag or box. It doesn’t matter if they are odd sized og scabbed. Just make sure they are not rotten. Sign a paper stating that you don’t use pesticides and:
Grab a cider (33 cl) for every 10 kg you deliver.

In the spring of 2020 the cider will be ready and it will of course be available in Vinbonden and Bygaard.

We’ve never crowdsourced apples before so this is a pilot project. As such, the project period is limited, and apple donation is centered around the southwestern and northwestern parts of Copenhagen.
Hopefully the pilot will be a huge succes so that we can expand next year and produce even more Decideret Københavnsk with surplus apple from all over Copenhagen.