33 cl


LYSTIG (2018)

In the best sense of the word an uncomplicated, fruity and semi-dry, sparkling grenade. Fresh acidity balanced by a bit of residual sugar and vinous backbone from the wild fermentation.

The apples are late varieties of surplus fruit coming straight out of private gardens in Fyn. With this cider, we have tried to preserve the insanely tasty bite of the Danish apple as a tribute to the harvest of 2018. Serves well with harder cheeses or as a sneaky aperitif.

Fermented and bottled by hand in our cidery in Nordhavn.

5,5 % ABV – 33 cl

LYSTIG 33 cl (2018) - Box of 12
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SPRÆLSK (2018)

A 50/50 blend of garden apples from Funen and french cider varieties like Douce Coët, Binet Rouge and Kermerrien from Vigmosegaard in Lilleø. The best of two (cider) worlds.

It was long and slow climb; 8 months of fermentation has resulted in a spicy and caramelised fruitiness with a curvy body, astringency and tiny bubbles. Second fermentation on the bottle.

A most proper company for a white fish or matured cheese.

5,9 % ABV – 33 cl

SPRÆLSK 33 cl (2018) - Box of 12
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HOPLA (2018)

Wild fermented cider dry-hopped with citra.

A dry, bottle conditioned, and very aromatic cider. The tart apples from Danish private gardens join forces with the citrusy acidity from the hops and the nose bursts with grapefruit and elderflower.

This is wild cider with a touch of IPA and even lambic. It contains divine natural bubbles but it is quenchy as hell.

5,9 % ABV – 33 cl

HOPLA 33 cl (2018) - Box of 12
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75 cl


Fadbelagtig is an organic bourbon barrel-aged cider with a moderate acidity and a hint of vanilla.

This is a very small batch from the apple variety Arista from the 2017 harvest at Hellas Frugt in Skibby. It has aged a year in American oak resulting in a complex cider on wild acid with a dry and vinous character.

We made it with the traditional method, known from production of Champagne, with yeast being shot out of the bottle neck after the second fermentation.

Total number of bottles: 240.

5,9 % ABV – 75 cl 



HIP-HOP (2018) - collab with To ØL

Hip-Hop is a wild dry-hopped cider made with the traditional method. The dry cider from garden apples matured a couple of months in a tank before we added Mosaic, Simcoe and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

The bottles were filled and placed upside down in the pupitres for the yeast to crawl towards the neck. We slightly rotated the bottle by hand until the yeast was totally stuck in the neck. The bottles were then disgorged - the capsules (bidules) are opened and the pressure in the bottles shoots out yeast from the neck.

A dry, sour and wild fermented cider with a streetwise balance of citrusy aromas and infinite loads of tiny bubbles.

It takes two to tango. But it takes To Øl to Hip Hop.

5,9 % ABV – 75 cl

HIP-HOP 75 cl (2018) - Box of 6
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HVA DRIKKER MØLR (2018) (Sold out)

This single variety Pet-Nát cider from Rød Boskoop could very well be your glou-glou summer friend.

Wild and extremely juicy with a tannic bite and bitter notes from two months of maceration. The Rød Boskoop apples from Vigmosegaard on Lilleø was crushed, but never actually pressed.

When the fermentation was alive and kicking and the sugar level was proper for bottling, the fermenting pomace was ragged to isolate the juice. Then it was bottled for second fermentation.

Total number of bottles: 310.

5,9 % ABV – 75 cl

SPONTAN (2018) (Sold out)

Wild organic cider made from Topaz, Filippa and Holsteiner Cox apples. Spontaneous fermented cider from 2017 has been macerated with freshly crushed Holsteiner Cox from Lilleø. Then second fermentation in the bottle.

After a long winter in the pupitres, a slim, delicate, and sour cider awoke with a nose full of ripe grapefruit and pineapple. The mouth is vinous and complex with a wild, wild acid.

Two years of apple harvest in one bottle has formed this funky cider ripasso.

Total number of bottles: 341.

5,9 % ABV – 75 cl



ARISTAKRAT (2017) (Sold out)

Aristakrat is an organic bourbon barrel-aged cider made from selected Danish eating apples like Arista and Rød Aroma and a pinch of cider apples.

After a year on oak the wild cider was bottled with fresh Holsteiner Cox juice from the small island of Lilleø. Second fermentation in the bottle and disgorgement.

It is a complex and tart cider with a lambic nose, a bit of funk and milky richness from malolactic fermentation in the cask. A real bone-dry gentleman with impeccable manners and a truly funky soul.

Total number of bottles: 665.

5,9 % ABV – 75 cl